Jeff Ballard


Jeff Ballard was raised in Sioux Falls, SD. He received his MFA in painting from University of South Dakota in '14. He teaches art at Dakota State University and the University of Sioux Falls where he serves as Gallery Director.

Mitch Torbert


Mitch Torbert was raised in Gettysburg and Rapid City, South Dakota and received his MFA from the University of South Dakota in '15.


Jana Anderson

Team Member

Jana Anderson grew up in Sioux Falls, SD. She received her BA in studio art from Hamline University of Saint Paul, MN in 2011. She is currently a professional artist in Sioux Falls.

Hunter P Murphy


Hunter P Murphy is a graphic designer currently working for Fresh Produce in Sioux Falls.


“The Local Artist” exists to support South Dakotan culture by exposing local visual artists to the public in two free print publications annually, and fostering development of emerging artists.



A reinforced local culture through communities that understand, engage, and support developed local artists.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council fiscally sponsors The Local Artist, allowing us the benefits of a non-profit organization.

Sioux Falls Arts Council
Crane Centre @ 8th and RR
326 E 8th Street #106
Sioux Falls, SD 57103


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