The Local Artist is available to the public for free, and targets an art-friendly, locally-minded audience. We would love to distribute The Local Artist at your gallery, store, bar, coffee shop, or other establishment.

If you are interested, we will deliver a box of 50 paper galleries, at no cost to you. 

Email Mitch@TheLocalArtist.org
for more information.









The Local Artist is a young project with great potential to document, broadcast, and celebrate South Dakotan visual artists. In order to keep the product free to the public, we rely on private and corporate partners who believe in the benefit of a reinforced artistic culture.

For more information on how you can become a sponsor of The Local Artist,
please email Jeff@TheLocalArtist.org.





As a subsidiary of the Sioux Falls Arts Council, your donation to The Local Artist is tax-deductible. Small donations can be made as a subscription, just select "Subscribe + $50" or another amount.

Larger donations can be made to:

Arts SF (Attn: The Local Artist)
Crane Centre @ 8th and RR
326 E 8th Street #106
Sioux Falls, SD 57103